Why Libya Matters

Remember this picture? They were watching the raid on the Bin Laden compound.

Someone was watching the Libya attack too. But no action was taken to intercede. The President now claims the buck stops with him, but he forgot to mention what he is specifically taking responsibility for. Does that mean he told them to do nothing and let the murders continue?

Liberal politicians and journalists keep dismissing the controversy over why the attack occurred, how it played out, lax security, etc. After all, why would the Obama Administration want to conceal the nature of the attack? The answer is right here…


Why This Matters
The President’s narrative and only claim to glory is he killed Bin Laden, so now we can live happily ever after. The attack in Libya destroyed that illusion and everything that has unfolded since then. If the President allowed the assassinations to unfold without interceding because of political expediency, then we need to know now, because it is an insight into how he thinks and how would always operate.